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Change Unveiled

Change Unveiled:
Hope for Positive Choices (Hope Unveiled) (Volume 1)

Now is the time to be resolute in your personal journey with God. It will not occur by happenstance or default. It’s not about checking off another “rule” or item on your “to do” list; rather, it’s all about your choice to take your relationship with God to a higher level, whether you are an unbeliever, a new believer, or a seasoned sister!

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Inspiration Unveiled

Inspiration Unveiled:
Hope for the Seasons of Life (Hope Unveiled) (Volume 2)

This collection represents the meditations of my heart as unveiled through either personal life experiences or seasons of life from my friends and clients.

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Recipes Unveiled

Recipes Unveiled:
Hope for Healthy Eating (Hope Unveiled) (Volume 3)

Welcome to a compilation of tasty delights – some original, some altered – that I developed after discovering food intolerances and sensitivities. I wasn’t about to sacrifice good food or taste. These are easy recipes that you and your family will truly enjoy.

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