Shirene H. Gentry, M.A. - Hope Unveiled Life Coaching

Coaching Unveiled

  • Is solution-oriented
  • Focuses on the present and future
  • Allows the client to set her goals
  • Does not delve into the past or stay focused in the past
  • (A brief overview of the past may be helpful in understanding the client’s present situation)
  • Does not diagnose a client and is not mental health treatment
  • Looks at the client’s strengths
  • Is for clients who are motivated to make necessary changes in their lives and can benefit from a coach who will keep them accountable and offer encouragement
  • Allows the coach to share personal life experiences if it will benefit the client

If I determine that counseling would be beneficial during the tenure of the coaching relationship, a referral will be made in the best interest of the client.

Coaching is not a substitute for counseling.

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