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Shirene Gentry I am a Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors and have professional memberships with the AACC and the International Christian Coaching Association.

I hold a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University (2009), paralegal certification from The National Center for Paralegal Training (1984), and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Wake Forest University (magna cum laude, 1984).

Areas of Service and Competence
Stress Management: Identification of stressors, positive behaviors for coping with stress, boundary setting, identifying unhealthy thought patterns and choices that cause stress, and daily methods for dealing with chronic stress.

Health & Wellness: Identification of daily dietary choices; positive behaviors for making changes in health, diet, sleep, and daily stress management; identification of barriers and negative thought patterns that prohibit necessary changes in health and wellness.

Relationships: Identification of barriers to optimal functioning in relationships, discovery of core relational beliefs of self, others, and God; learning communication techniques; effective tools for dealing with daily frustrations in relationships.

Marriage: Identification of growth barriers and an assessment (Prepare/Enrich) to reveal past and present areas of dissimilarity that prohibit change.

Assessment measures will be used to assess the client’s progress and goal(s) during the coaching relationship.

Integration of Faith and Scripture
All of us live from a set of core beliefs. I believe that the source for permanent change is found in our Creator who knew us before birth and is sovereign over all of our days (Psalm 139). The source for change is relying on Christ’s power, a spiritual strength that is much greater than our man-made efforts. If the client chooses, coaching will include integration of faith, Scripture, and prayer which enhances the process of growth in all areas of one’s life.

Unveiling Family Facts
My husband, Joel, and I were married in 1984, and we have two adult sons. My husband is in private practice as a general dentist, and we have made High Point our home since 1988.
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